Hi, Tula!

An excellent souvenir! A magnificent gift! A wonderful game!

an intellectual and informative game-souvenir of Region Study
«Hi, Tula!» in 4 languages

The game «Hello, Tula!» gives descriptions and shows the main attrations of Tula region: museums, crafts, temples, sculptures and monuments of local (for example, the children’s railway in Novomoskovsk), national (samovars) and world importance (the memorial estate of L.N.Tolstoy).

It is a methodical handbook (for the expansion of cultural and historical knowledge of the Tula region) and a kind of test for getting and checking the knowledge of Region Study. It is a souvenir for those who have visited Tula, at the same time it is a guide book, and also a language practice for those who study English, French and Italian. The game includes several variants both for younger generation and for their parents.

The project «Hi, Tula!» has won a municipal grant this year. This game, becoming a basis for Region and District Study games, will be spread to educational institutions of the city of Tula.


Tula is one of the oldest Russian cities; it was first mentioned in the chronicle in 1146. The distance between the centre of Tula and the centre of Moscow is 185 km. The total area of the city is 187 668 km2. The population of the city with suburbs is 570 000 people. The main artery of Tula is the Upa river which is the right tributary of the Oka river.

Museums, churches, handicrafts, sculpture, monuments of culture and architecture of Tula and Tula region

The Tula Kremlin. The Tula Samovar. The Tula Pryanik (Gingerbread). The Tula City Toy. Filimonovskaya Toy. The Tula State Arms Museum. The Tula Velodrome. The Tula State Circus. The Children`s Railway. P.P.Belousov Central Park of Culture and Rest. L.N.Tolstoy Memorial Estate «Yasnaya Polyana». A.T.Bolotov Memorial Estate «Dvoryaninovo». The Palace-Museum of Counts Bobrinsky. V.D.Polenov Memorial Estate. I.S.Turgenev Memorial Estate «Spasskoye-Lutovinovo». V.V.Veresayev. House-Museum. A.S.Homyakov Historical-Artistic Museum. The Tula Harmonica, N.I.Beloborodov Museum. The Museum and Exhibition Centre «Tula Antiquities». Belyov Lace. The Tula State Drama Theatre Named after M.Gorky. P.N.Krylov Museum. The Tula Regional Art Museum. The Horse-Stone.

The Monument to N.Demidov. The Monument to Peter I. The Monument to S.I.Mosin. The Monument to L.N.Tolstoy. The Monument to P.P.Belousov. The Bust of A.S.Pushkin. The Monument to Levsha. The Monument to S.A.Esenin. The Monument to V.V.Veresayev. The Tula Regional Exotarrium. «The Monument «To the Tail». The Monument to V.F.Rudnev. The Monument to V.I.Lenin. The Bust of A.Nevsky. The Monument to Russian-Armenian Friendship. The Open-Air Museum «Kulikovo Pole». The Monument in Honor of Bicentenary from A.S.Pushkin`s Birthday. The Monument to Tula Citizens who are the Heroes of the Soviet Union. Mogilevsky Square. Square of Communists. The Stele «To Proletarian Heroes Who Died During the Great Patriotic War». The Monument to the Citizens of Tula Who Died in Local Wars. The Monument to the Defenders of Tula in the Great Patriotic War. The Stele «To Tula Citizens Gone to Immortality».

The Epiphany Cathedral. The Uspensky Cathedral Church. The Uspensky Sobor (the Cathedral of Assumption) of the Tula Kremlin. The Svyato-Voznesensky (Saint Ascension) Church. The Theotokos of Bogolyubovo Church (the Church of Saint Martyrs Flor and Laurus). Our Lady Assumption Church. The Sergiy Radonezhsky Church. The Holy Savior`s Image Church (Transfiguration of Jesus). The Pokrovsky (in the name of Feodosy Chernigovsky) Church. The Church of All Hallows. The Church of St Demetrius of Thessaloniki. The Nativity Church (Church of St Nicholas) on Rzhavets. The Church of the Twelve Saint Apostles. The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The Church of Our Lady of the Don. The Church of the Nativity (Nicholas-Zaretsky Church). St Seraphim of Sarov Church. The Bogorodichny Shcheglovsky Monastery. The Dormition of the Theotokos Church. Saint Paraskevi (Paraskeva Pyatnitsa) Church. The Svyato-Vvedenskaya, Makarievskaya Zhabynskaya Pustyn. The Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos. The Svyato-Kazansky Nunnery. The Venyov Monastery.

The set includes:

— 24 cards;

— 90 counters with numbers;

— 150 tokens;

— a pouch;

— 72 counters with the pictures of the sights of Tula region;

— the BOOK (the brief overview about these sights);

— the instruction for games.